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Tuesday 3.00 p.m. "Technology in the past and present"
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Thursday 3.00 p.m. historical walk
(Gold ore processing, museum and miner church)

Special guided tour from seven persons on agreement.

At the change of the millennium free gold was found and this led to the gold fever. In the year 1342 Archbishop Heinrich von Pyrnbrunn as the head of the region of Salzburg issued the first mountain regulation, thus a regulated mining of the precious metal began. Afer an economically unimportant beginning the real mining historical important business started at the end of the 15th century, first of all with the capital of Southern German trading houses. The most important among them was the trading company of the family Fugger. They were followed by local big plants, the Weitmoser, the Zott and the Strasser. The best mining year was in 1557 with 830 kg of gold and 2723 kg of silver. However, the particularly rich ore deposits were soon exhausted and the plants stopped the gold mining.

In the year 1616 the head of the land Achbishop Markus Sittikus
took over the further mining in order to give work to the
unemployed miners. Only in 1642 - with the introcution of the
powder blasting and the errection of the mining plant in Alt-
böckstein (1741) - the return became economic again. The use
of the technologies (poundings, percussion frames as well as
amalgation) considerably improved the gold mining and thus
the total productivity. Under Archbishop Hieronymus Colleredo
the mining was led back to the Austrian Imperial house.

A company of private plants founded the "First Trade Union
Radhausberg 1864", then continued to work with moderate
success. When tey also gave up (1907)m the tunnel constructor
Ing. Karl Imhof started a new initiative, but despite the use of
Swiss capital he also failed to make really big profits.

Finally the German company Preuß AG (1938-1945) tried its fortune. The gallery which was driven into the
Radhausberg near the valley turned out to be a failure, because the lower alleys of ore were dead. A hot zone
was found, which presently is used for therapy purposes under the name "Gasteiner Healing Gallery".

In order to offer our guests something special, we have created the
possibility of - washing gold in the "Old Pöck" - next to the hotel Evianquelle..

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